rozet (rozet) wrote,

Gender again

Talmud Bavli, Shabbat 62a:
אמר רב יוסף קסבר עולא נשים עם בפני עצמן

Rabbi Joseph said: 'Ulla [another Rabbi] holds that women are a separate [independent] people.

Rav Joseph Solovetchik said that there's two teachings, two different traditions: tradition of women and tradition of men. According to rav Solovetchik we can read the ending of the verse Exodus 19:3 “...Thus shall thou say to the house of Jacob and tell to the children of Israel” in that sense: “the House of Jacob” stays for women and “the children of Israel” stays for men. He also noticed that difference in Proverbs 1:8 (“mussar avikha” and “torat immekha”).
People of the past (even in the beginning of xx century) were able to feel that profound difference between man and woman. Maybe I'm insane, but the older I get, the more I think that women aren't differ from men. Truly, we live in the world of confusion, and we're the children of that confusion.

English translation of some talmudic tractates.
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