rozet (rozet) wrote,

Fry on idolatry

Today I’ve finished Stephen Fry’s „Fry Chronicles“ (listen-while-you-drive audiobook). It’s amazing work, masterful and sincere book in which everybody can find something connected with his life experience, I think.

I hate one thing of it — the fragment where idolatry is discussed. He’s really shrewd when he says that this yeytzer is profound and deep and all generations are dealing with this problem. But he failed then. He insists that it’s better to have some idols in your mind (like pop culture stars or, maybe, gadgets or something) than to be a fanatic who can slay people for their transgression, like it was in the story with the golden calf. First of all, concerning the situation in question — no, it’s not. Second, it’s not about fanatism, it’s rather a personal issue, I think. It’s about detachment. You’re just trying to detach yourself form worshiping idols whatever they might be. And europeans really can’t.
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