rozet (rozet) wrote,

Special donkeys

I'm fascinated with figure of a some special, extraordinary kind of donkeys – לבדקים (luvedekim). They're very strong and steady. We can find this kind of donkeys in Mishnah.

R. Ovadya Bartanura depicts this special kind of donkey in these words:

On the Mishnah Shabbos 5, 1

חמור הבא ממדינת לוב והן קשין וחזקין וצריכים שמירה יותר משאר חמורים הנמצאים בישוב

[It's] a donkey from state of Libya; and it's strong and stubborn; and one has to guard it more than other donkeys of the settlement [i.e. Land of Israel]

And on the Mishnah Kilaim 8, 4
חמור של לוב והוא גדול ועריץ משאר חמורים ודומה לגמל

A donkey from Libya; and it's bigger and more self-willed than other donkeys; and it resembles a camel.
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