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Azarya Rozet

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

12:49PM - Sounds good

Wonderful wording.

Bemidbar Rabbah, Naso, 9, 33

אמר רב שמלאי: בכל מקום שאתה מוצא זנות אתה מוצא אַנְדְּרוֹלוֹמוּסְיָה [אַנְדַּרְלָמוּסְיָה / אַנְדְּרָלָמוּסְיָה] בעולם

Rabbi Simlai said: wherever you find promiscuity, you find Androlomusya / andralamusya / andarlamusya in the world.

Rashi on Bereshit 6, 13

קץ כל בשר: כל מקום שאתה מוצא זנות <ועבודה זרה>, אַנְדְּרוֹלוֹמוּסְיָה [אַנְדַּרְלָמוּסְיָה / אַנְדְּרָלָמוּסְיָה] באה לעולם והורגת טובים ורעים

Wherever you find promiscuity <and idolatry>, an Androlomusya / andralamusya / andarlamusya comes upon the world and kills good ones and evil ones.

Androlomusya / andralamusya / andarlamusya in these contexts means pestilence OR, as in modern Hebrew (andarlamusya — אַנְדַּרְלָמוּסְיָה), disorder, mess, balagan. In Greek maybe it meant plague-infected or something like this.

Friday, May 20, 2011

2:22AM - Fry on idolatry

Today I’ve finished Stephen Fry’s „Fry Chronicles“ (listen-while-you-drive audiobook). It’s amazing work, masterful and sincere book in which everybody can find something connected with his life experience, I think.

I hate one thing of it — the fragment where idolatry is discussed. He’s really shrewd when he says that this yeytzer is profound and deep and all generations are dealing with this problem. But he failed then. He insists that it’s better to have some idols in your mind (like pop culture stars or, maybe, gadgets or something) than to be a fanatic who can slay people for their transgression, like it was in the story with the golden calf. First of all, concerning the situation in question — no, it’s not. Second, it’s not about fanatism, it’s rather a personal issue, I think. It’s about detachment. You’re just trying to detach yourself form worshiping idols whatever they might be. And europeans really can’t.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

5:23PM - Tikkun ha-olam

All this mess starts from the Moshe's death, not from the destruction of the Temple. Because if Moyshe Rabeynu entered Eretz Isroel he would be a Moshiah, he'd build Beys ha-Mikdosh that Hashem wouldn't destroy. Our path to Geulo is similar to the Exodus route — for some reason we should wander around. So we can consider Moshe's death not as a punishment, but as a some point from which history of our struggle begins.

Great thanks to Betzalel Mandel's first lesson on Yehoshua, may he be blessed and shell we see him making his Avoyde in Beis Ha-Mikdosh whatever it will look like.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

4:05PM - Short message

A couple of years ago I wrote to my friend, reb Mark Marion Gondelman, that it would be great to send a SMS to G-d.

Now what I'm really afraid of — to receive an answer.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3:11AM - Road trip iii

Cities of Lithuania-Belarus this time. Mir — Nesvizh — Radin — Mir — Volozhin.

Here are the pictures. And you can also enjoy our chronic.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

11:45PM - Special donkeys

I'm fascinated with figure of a some special, extraordinary kind of donkeys – לבדקים (luvedekim). They're very strong and steady. We can find this kind of donkeys in Mishnah.

R. Ovadya Bartanura depicts this special kind of donkey in these words:

On the Mishnah Shabbos 5, 1

חמור הבא ממדינת לוב והן קשין וחזקין וצריכים שמירה יותר משאר חמורים הנמצאים בישוב

[It's] a donkey from state of Libya; and it's strong and stubborn; and one has to guard it more than other donkeys of the settlement [i.e. Land of Israel]

And on the Mishnah Kilaim 8, 4
חמור של לוב והוא גדול ועריץ משאר חמורים ודומה לגמל

A donkey from Libya; and it's bigger and more self-willed than other donkeys; and it resembles a camel.

Monday, March 8, 2010

12:03AM - Weakness

There is a difference between serving Hashem and serving idea (to be a secular Zionist, for example). Hashem forgives our weakness again and again. Any idealogical society doesn't.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

11:36AM - Af yiddish

R’ Yosi Hagelili believe that the issur of meat and milk does not apply to fowl, but the psak halachah is otherwise. Anyone who eats butter-fried chicken is a treifniak.

from Vos Iz Neias. Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski: Yeshivas Must Speak Out, Drunk On Purim is Not a Mitzvah!

Beautiful. “Treifniak” is a beautiful word. — Who's that guy? — He's a treifniak.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

9:36PM - Babylon

That is how Babylon looks. Faces of NYC street vendors.

Friday, December 4, 2009

4:05AM - Oh

Which word is frequently used by an interviewer in response to his interlocutor's words? Yes, this is the “Oh” word.

— So we had joined these guys to ask them about their evening's plans.

— The great jewish writer Primo Levy was a great chemist by the way.

— Actually, I've been studying Italian all my life.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

5:18AM - A real avoyde zore

The tenth chapter of second part in Duma's “The Count of Monte Cristo” contains a truly hardcore avoyde zore scene. When Baron Franz d'Epinay had taken a little spoon of hashish he imagined that he was having a sexual relationship with three greek marble statues of women who had become humanized for him.

Friday, November 20, 2009

5:39AM - Klezmatics in Moscow

Vivid, shining band! This was the first time when I listened to the Sklamerg's rendition of Yo Riboyn Olam. This piece really took me (and I think, the whole public too) high.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2:42PM - Road trip ii

We did it again. Mikveh of Baal Shem Tov — Khotyn — Medzhybizh — Ternopil — Lviv — Brody — Koretz — Annopol — Berdychiv. Some photos (see also our chronicle).

Monday, August 10, 2009

3:48AM - Bald head

The main problem: it's cold, really cold. The second problem: it's very hard to put on a sweater, t-shirt e t.c, if you don't have hair.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

1:26AM - Jewish type

The famous medieval hand called “Fratkura”, or “Fraktur”, was the main typeface of Germany press until the beginning of xx century.

After some backdown in the beginning of xx century (European advertisements brought Roman typefaces to Germany), it was proclaimed by Hitler that Fraktur was the “the true nordic hand” and was the only appropriate letter form for the German language. But in the 40s it was officialy determined that Fraktur interfered with the German plan of world domination, since outside the Germany Roman forms prevailed. The Nazis had switched to Roman faces, and Bormann issued a proclamation that Fraktur was a “Schwabacher-Jewish type”.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

11:54PM - About craftsmanship

On the one hand is the world of mechanised industry claiming to be able to give happiness to men and all the delights of human life — provided we are content to have them in our spare time and do not demand such things in the work by which we earn our livings; a world regulated by the factory whistle and the mechanical time-keeper; a world wherein the product is standardised and the man simply a tool, a tooth on a wheel. On the other is the languishing but indestructible world of the small shopkeeper, the small workshop, the studio and the consulting room — a world in which the notion of spare time hardly exists, for the thing is hardly known and very little desired; a world wherein the is the life and love accompanies it.

from Eric Gill. Essay on typography. 1931

Saturday, November 15, 2008

11:22PM - Rationalize it!

An anonymous Jew, who wrote “The Letter Of Aristeas”, wanted to show that Torah is no less rational than Greek philosophy. It's a commonplace. But the style of some passages can be easily used by contemporary kiruv-makers. For example, the High priest Eleezar explains to Greek embassy the symbolical meaning of features, that make an animal kosher:

...the division of the hoof and the separation of the claws are intended to teach us that we must discriminate between our individual actions with a view to the practice of virtue [...] for all animals which are cloven-footed and chew the cud represent to the initiated the symbol of memory. For the act of chewing the cud is nothing else than the reminiscence of life and existence.

(For me, there is nothing bad in rational explanations of some hukim with reserve that isn't an absolute truth)

“The Letter Of Aristeas” in English.

10:29PM - All the books in the world

Aristeas has mentioned that Demetrius of Phalerum, the owner of famous Alexandrian Library, believed that the number of all the books in the world was 500.000.

Friday, November 14, 2008

12:18PM - Gender again

Talmud Bavli, Shabbat 62a:

אמר רב יוסף קסבר עולא נשים עם בפני עצמן

Rabbi Joseph said: 'Ulla [another Rabbi] holds that women are a separate [independent] people.

Rav Joseph Solovetchik said that there's two teachings, two different traditions: tradition of women and tradition of men. According to rav Solovetchik we can read the ending of the verse Exodus 19:3 “...Thus shall thou say to the house of Jacob and tell to the children of Israel” in that sense: “the House of Jacob” stays for women and “the children of Israel” stays for men. He also noticed that difference in Proverbs 1:8 (“mussar avikha” and “torat immekha”).
People of the past (even in the beginning of xx century) were able to feel that profound difference between man and woman. Maybe I'm insane, but the older I get, the more I think that women aren't differ from men. Truly, we live in the world of confusion, and we're the children of that confusion.

English translation of some talmudic tractates.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

5:51AM - Spinoza

Spinoza was a heretic for Jews and a saint for German romantics. In the literal sense of these words.

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